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Soothing my Mindy/Danny breakup pain

Mindy and Danny break up, after just a few short weeks together. (Courtesy of Fox)

Mindy and Danny break up, after just a few short weeks together. (Courtesy of Fox)

I can’t stop thinking about Mindy and Danny. These two star-crossed doctors were so adorable during their two-episode-long pairing on Fox’s The Mindy Project that I found myself surprisingly heartbroken when they called it off so quickly in last week’s episode, “Be Cool.” I’m soothing my pain with the suggestions from the show’s writers that this isn’t the end for Mindy/Danny, and with a conversation with my girlfriends about our favorite TV pairings of all time. Why do we get so emotionally invested in TV relationships? Unlike movies, TV shows have longevity, sometimes spanning years of our lives. We invite these people into our homes every week; we feel like we “know” them. So when they fall in love (or get their hearts broken), we are right there beside them. And deep down, we want to believe in happy endings, or at least happy stretches of time. So we root for Sam and Diane (Cheers). We know Ross will always love Rachel (Friends). And even though we can spot the “will-they, won’t-they” TV tropes coming from a mile away (Nick and Jess, New Girl), we still hop on for the ride.

I chatted with a few online friends this week about the best TV couples, and here’s who they listed as their favorites:

Jim and Pam from The Office. They will never get old to me! I loved how long it took them to get together and how it just clicked! They were adorable! — Jourdan N.

Corey and Topanga (Boy Meets World)! Because they were childhood sweethearts and I always just thought they were sweet together. — Carrie C.

Jim and Pam, Chandler and Monica (Friends), Lorelei and Luke (Gilmore Girls), Cam and Mitchell (Modern Family), Marshall and Lily (How I Met Your Mother). All time favorite: Dan & Roseanne (Roseanne). — Rachel C.

I love is Leslie and Ben from Parks and Recreation. They’re adorable. They’re professionals, but they’re also both super goofy. — Stefanie B.


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