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As seen on TV: My home state

How much can you really learn about a place from what you see on TV? If that place is Louisiana, the answer is quite a lot. Thanks to tax credits to lure film and TV productions, my home state has been dubbed “Hollywood South.” This week, a new report found that Louisiana now leads Canada, the U.K. and the state of California in the number of feature films that are shot here. That growth extends to the small screen, too, as an increasing number of TV shows are not just filmed here, but set here too, with the Louisiana landscape becoming a central figure in the show’s setting and mythology. One of the most talked-about shows right now is HBO’s “True Detective,” starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as Louisiana State Police detectives trying to catch a serial killer. I’m just four episodes in, but I have been struck by the hauntingly beautiful, and I’ve enjoyed seeing my state with fresh eyes. So I’ve collected some of my favorite images below of “True Detective.”

What about you? Are you enjoying “True Detective”? What Louisiana-set show is your favorite?

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